Best TIG Welding Helmet 2021 – Top Picks For Performance, and Value

When you are working in the area of TIG welding, so, it would help if you got proper protection for the eyes and also for face. Then the TIG welding helmet needs to control all shocks. So, here we give you an idea to check them all different welding helmet for welding works. But, it is good to get and make full protection for the face. Therefore, you can use it for TIG and MIG welding and makes total safety for the body face.

Best TIG Welding Helmet 2021

Our team reviewed and selects the list of best TIG welding helmet for you to use in all type of welding works. But, you can check the list and also check the features of this listed product. If you need a best TIG welding helmet, then choose at per your all requirement. But, Lincoln and Antra welding helmet give excellent comfort-ability for all type of works.

List of Top Best TIG Welding Helmet

ProductsReviewsCheck Price
Instapark ADF Series GX-500S ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Flexzion Welding Helmet ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Jackson Safety Ultra-Lightweight ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
3M Speedglas Welding Helmet ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Neiko 53814A Solar⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
DESOON Solar Power ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
ESAB ESAB – 0700000803 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Fiber-Metal by Honeywell ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Forney Easy Weld 298 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Welding Shield Mask ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Jackson Safety 370⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Antra AH6-260-0000 Wide Shade Range⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price

1: Instapark ADF Series GX-500S 

best tig welding helmet 2020The manufacturer is perfect with its design. But, its optics is good to give full support for all time use with excellent eye protection. Moreover, it provides the full unobstructed view for all types of welding works. Overall, it is lightweight with a support system.

Good Lens 

The replaceable lens is an excellent addition to give full support to use it for all types of works. Moreover, it is best to provide a complete system for easy to use and works quickly. But, it improves the working power in all types of welding works. These lenses have an excellent area for viewing but give a good look.

Accurate Size 

The size of the helmet is useful to adjust to any skull. But, it gives full safety with a clear and crisp view. Moreover, it is perfect for welding works in all dark and light zones. But, use it to get maximum benefits.

Excellent Shades 

The helmet is best due to its sound shade system. So, it useful to use with the vibrant color lens. Moreover, the lens provides a good color scheme, and quick replacement makes the helmet durable for all types of work.


Good shade system
Easy to wear
Works well


Low quality of lens used.


Check Price

2: Flexzion Welding Helmet 

best tig welding helmet 2020It is a simple mask type TIG helmet full of featured power for regular use. But, it is good to protect the eyes from all UV and IR rays. Moreover, it is complete safety and helps in the works at large scale for TIG.


The welding helmet is ultra-smart with full of lightweight design. But, it is useful for regular time sue in the TIG MIG working areas. Moreover, it is compact in its shape for comfortable to wear. However, it is specially designed with ark and shoulder protection to give a large neck area.


This is entirely comfortable to wear for the long term without any fatigue in the skull. Moreover, it has full padded support to make excellent safety, but it is best for eye protection to give a very smooth surface. However, its headbands are comfortable to wear the mask at all zones.

Clear View

The lens is purely set in the helmet for working with the full crisp of the large and extra comfortable viewing area. Moreover, different colors of the glass with full shades make it perfect for suing for all types of TIG working time. So, it is good to give complete security for any risk in the welding.


Comfortable for eyes
Full supportive
Best for budget


Low in performance.


Check Price

3: Jackson Safety Ultra-Lightweight 

best tig welding helmet 2020It is best to use for tungsten inert gas work in the welding area. But, it is accurate in shape and design. Moreover, various options in the filter are best to give full support for all type of works.

Sensor System

A perfect sensor system of lithium batteries is sound to give full support for use. Moreover, it is best for use to control blockage of welding works. But, the batteries used in the helmet are also replaceable with full friction. So, all the different four types of sensors are best to give full support to use the mask easily.

Good Design 

The design of this ADF helmet is best due to its proper shape. But, the viewing area is also best to give full support. Moreover, it provides a space of 3.94*2.36 inches. So, it provides a functional viewing area with the full backing of the lens.

Easy Use 

It is easy to use with a full crystal clear view in the lens. But, you can use it with versatile shades of 9 to 13 different types. So, these give a total and comfortable viewing area. Moreover, you can wear them to help with the maximum works. It provides excellent visibility for all types of employment.


Easy to use
Vibrant color lens
Full safety mask
Comfortable for eyes


Visibility is not excellent.


Check Price

4: 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 

best tig welding helmet 2020It is a full magnifying plate with a perfect style. But, it is durable enough for all types of welding works. Moreover, it is best to give complete safety for the eyes. So, you can use it for all kinds of TIG MIG welding works.


This is the speed glass made the plate, which is adjusted easily in the different welding helmet. But, it is fully supported for all types of welding works. So, it gives a suitable replacement for all type works and uses in the heavy metal cutting. Moreover, it is small with full use ability.

Full Safety 

It is the welding helmet that gives excellent safety. But, its 3M speed glass plate is also unique and adjustable for all types of settings. Moreover, you can use it to improve your working experience. Therefore, it is overall best for safety works in the eyes.

Good Magnifying Power 

The plate is also useful to give good magnifying power of 2.0X’s. So, it is simple to set and easily put in the ADF system for easy work and maximum benefit. Moreover, it is best to support for a longer time and does not break easily. Therefore, its magnifying lens system is best to give a full view area.


Good magnifying power
Durable plate
Heavy-duty made


Low in quality of glass.


Check Price

5: Neiko 53814A Solar

best tig welding helmet 2020Neiko gives the quality of the TIG welding helmet with an excellent support system. So, it is best to use for welding works. But, it has a supportive network of viewing area with easy for use. However, it is suitable for both TIG/MIG tasks.

Full Protection 

The size of the Neiko welding helmet is perfect. So, it has a comprehensive protection system for all types of works use. Moreover, it is fully supportive and comfortable of eyes to use in the different places of dark and light mode.

Replacement of Batteries

The batteries set in the helmet are of lithium. Therefore, these are also replaceable and also recharge quickly without any troubleshoot. Moreover, the various shades make the helmet portable with different shades. So, light and dark mode makes the full helmet auto-darkening.

Perfect Window 

The window for viewing at any angle during the welding work is right to give full support. Moreover, it has a functional viewing area with an excellent lens system. The viewing is 96*43mm best in the welding helmet of TIG for all types of works. So, eyes also feel entirely comfortable without any effect. Thus it gives quicker starts to watch all things and improve working speed.


Good lens system
Easy for view at all side
Excellent power for work


Shades are not right.


Check Price

6: DESOON Solar Power 

It is band new welding helmet with its sound lens system. Moreover, it is best suited to works efficiently with its perfect size. Furthermore, it is helpful for all types of welding work with an accurate solar system.

Stylish Design 

The TIG welding helmet is best with its design. But, it is sufficiently attractive for all types of works, and all the users use it very quickly without any defect. So, it best for work with easy adjustment. Moreover, it is also easy for use.

Full Safety 

It is good to give complete safety for the eyes and make them protective during the works time. But, it is also best with its unique lens setting. But, the lens has a maximum viewing area with its perfect shape. So, you can use it to get maximum benefits. Moreover, it controls the rays of UV and IR with all harmful effects.


It is best for the budget with full Excellency in work. But, use the DESOON system of TIG welding helmet with its all type of comfortable grip. But, it has an excellent unobstructed view of all kind of best shades to give good strength. Moreover, it is lightweight with the perfect headband. The viewing area for this is almost 2.95*1.65 inches.


Hard and stylish in shape
Easy to use with perfect headband
Perfect quality


Low in the speed of work.


Check Price

7: ESAB ESAB – 0700000803 5 

best tig welding helmet 2020This is good to use this type of lens for all kind of TIG welding works. But, these are best with shape and also with excellent material quality. Moreover, it has five different types of lens to all kind of works use. However, it is ideally suited on the ESAB Sentinel A50 TIG helmet.

Perfect Lens 

Overall, these are the best lens to use for all welding helmet. But, these are best to set in the system of Sentinel A50 helmet with full grip and easy adjustability. Moreover, the lens in this helmet is right to give extra support for working long term. But, it is ever best for the Hobart helmet tractor supply system.

Large Size 

The size is very best to adjust easily with a great viewing area. Moreover, it is best to use at any welding helmet to make them portable for the longer term. So, use the lens in A50 helmet for with perfect viewing area. Moreover, it also a good position in the Optrel E650 and E680 welding helmet.


The ESAB lens is sufficiently durable without any braking power. Furthermore, it is good to use for longer-term without any issue. Furthermore, you can adjust the glass in all type of system. Therefore, try to apply for good welding works in the TIG and also with MIG. However, overall these give excellent durability to use and get maximum performance.


Durable lens package
Excellent quality
Improve performance


Price is too much high.


Check Price

8: Fiber-Metal by Honeywell  

Fiber-Metal by Honeywell TigerhoodIt is welding helmet with its maximum color setting. But, it is good to give full area for watching at any angle during the work time. Moreover, it is simple and excellent in shape with a complete power system.

Clear Vision 

The pure fibre metal made TIG welding helmet is best for its clear vision. Moreover, it is good to give a full and large view with full adjustability. However, try to use the system for all type of regular works and improve welding works performance. But, it has good flip-up, and top lid of telescoping is the best addition.

Full Safety For Face 

It simple in design but give complete safety to the face. So, the look remains safe from any hazard effect during the welding time. Moreover, it is also best to control all shock of UV and IR rays into the eyes. But, use it for all type of TIG/MIG works and get maximum results.

Hat Mounting

It has the right hard hat mounting setting with easy on and off the system. So, it is perfect to use for all type welding places with its simple style. Moreover, it adjusts easily without any tool. But, it is also durable for long term use to give full speed.


Perfect hat mounting
Comfortable to wear with full safety
Long-lasting system


It does not protect the skull.


Check Price

9: Forney Easy Weld 298 

best welding helmet for beginersIt is the best welder with its price and also with its unique style. But, try to use the system for all type of works. But, it has useful input and output system with excellent voltage. So, use it for a massive kind of welding works to get maximum performance.


It is fully portable for easy to use in all places. So, it is easy for use at all type of welding works. Moreover, it provides the speed of works to welding and suitable for TIG works with the top-rated system. It is also lightweight for easy adjustment.

Stick Weld 

The welder of Forney has the proper function of stick weld. It is an excellent addition to give full support for all type of welding works. But, it is good to provide considerable performance in all area without any troubleshoot. Moreover, it offers excellent speed in welding. But, overall welding with the stick weld is very easy.

TIG Torch System

The welder has another useful feature of versatile TIG torch with low TIG AMP. So, this torchlight gives excellent addition for easy to use weld stick. Moreover, it provides a good speed of work in all dark and light mode. But, the capable with torch system is best to make the system speedy for the more extended type of welding works.


Good durable welder
Easy for use at all places
Good welder with performance


Speed of stick weld is low.


Check Price

10: Welding Shield Mask 

ESAB ESAB - 0700000803 5 Each AmberIt is a perfect and versatile welding helmet with its excellent performance. But, it is also good to give full strength with natural protection. Moreover, it helps to works in all type of welding works. However, it is fully auto-darkening welding helmet with good speed of work and used in the UK.


It is excellent and lightweight for easy portability. So, you can use it all type of all places welding works. But, it is suitable for TIG and uses with the accurate speed of welding. Moreover, it stylish with its simple design for use. It does not set any pressure on the body.


It is versatile from all other welding helmets from design as well for use. So, it is good to use in all type of industrial welding works. But, it is delicious for protection to give full safety for the eyes. Moreover, it is best in performance at any heavy welding work as well.

Full Mask 

It looks like a full mask for the face and gives good power. Moreover, it best to use in the area of regular welding place with light and dark mode. But, it provides full safety at the face and skull-like as mask system. So, use it for all time without any fatigue in the eyes.


Full face mask
Complete safety
Perfect solar power supply


The lens is not good with a deep shade


Check Price

11: Jackson Safety 370

Jackson Safety 370 Replacement HeadgearIt is a proper safety system headgear with full support for work. But, it best to give good power for a secure ratchet system. But, it works with 370 replacement option. But, the soft rubber grip is an excellent addition to provide full support for comfortable wear without any fatigue.

Locked Option 

It is good with its easy lock-up option for all type of grip. So, this lock system is good to give a comfortable grip without any fatigue in the skull. But, rubber band grip is best to make it more potent for all type of works experience. Moreover, it becomes good with Hobart discovery in the market.

Good Headgear 

It is suitable for watching at any angle. But, it is also best to give 370 different replacement option for comfortable to wear with its sound ratchet system. Moreover, headgear gives right protectively for the head with full grip.

Solid Performance 

It is overall best and reliable in its performance for all type of works. But, it is good to use for head protection and give full suitability for eyes With head and skull. But, use it with perfect ratchet system with a full rubber grip to provide excellent comfort for the body and method of the head. However, it shows the best review without problems.


Good headgear
The rubber grip is excellent.
Perfect in the quality


Low work performance


Check Price

12: Antra AH6-260-0000 Wide Shade Range

Antra AH6-260-0000 Auto Darkening Welding HelmetIt is the best welding helmet for TIG with its simple design and good for the sensitive eyes. But, the antra welding forum made the best and good antra welding helmet for welding work. Moreover, the AH6 is ever best for use with its perfect lens system.


The antra welding helmet is ever best product of amazon. But, it is entirely comfortable for use with the perfect lens of full shade system. Moreover, it is soft like the 4c welding helmet. So, It looks with a view are of Optrel Vega view 2.5 welding helmet.

Full Optics 

It is good to give large-size optical clarity for the eyes. So, eyes feel total safety without any fatigue. Moreover, helmet works excellent at all place with complete transparency and give an excellent performance. Therefore, it is necessary to use this for TIG MIG works in the welding area.

Versatile In Function 

The Antra is versatile in functions due to its complete set and different multi functions. But, it best with its safety setting. Moreover, it is used for cutting of plasma and also for the TIG/MIG system. Therefore, TIG welding helmet has a useful feature of free mask-like to safe face from harsh.


Good shape
Perfect lens
High in performance


Low quality of skull


Check Price

Some commonly asked questions are explained below:

Q 1: Where is Antra welding helmet made?

The Antra welding helmet is made at a warehouse with a perfect window style and makes full safety for the users during work time.

Q 2: What are the problems in Lincoln electric Viking 3350 welding helmet?

This has the problem that it gives low battery performance during massive works due to its low battery power of 2.5 volts.

Q 3: What is the best TIG welding helmet?

The Antra AH6-260000 welding helmet is overall best for TIG welding works due to its all complete setting.

Q 4: What is the best shade for TIG welding helmet?

For the TIG works lens shade, 8 with its minimum 50amp power is suitable for TIG welding and improve the working ability.

Q 5: How to use weld stick for work?

It is good to use the welding stick with proper shape and give the right diameter, but arch length is also best set for all time working.


In the end, the final words also may helpful for you to buy the best one from giving list so if you are too confused to buy the welding helmet with its all quality of features. Then here we give you a simple suggestion for you to buy the best TIG welding helmet for good welding work.

So, the welding helmet of Jackson, Miller TIG, Hobart Camo and Lincoln are best to buy and get maximum protection with full comfort-ability. Moreover, these are best with price and design as well. But, lincoln Viking 3350 is overall best for use.

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