Best Welding Helmet For Beginners 2021 – Top Pick Ups and Reviews

Most of the people use the helmet for welding. Therefore, some beginners start welding works, and they want to use the welding helmet. So, for this, our team reviewed and found the list of best welding helmet for use. These helmets provide you full safety for the eyes and face. So, use the welding helmet to get maximum work improvement.

Best Welding Helmet For Beginners 2021

We reviewed and found out the list of ten best welding helmet for the beginners. So, you can check the list and also readout all features of the different products and get the best one for all time use.

List of Top Best Welding Helmets For Beginners

ProductsReviewsCheck Price
Tanox Auto Darkening Welding Helmet ADF⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
ESAB 0700000800 Sentinel A50 Welding Helmet⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Antra AH7-860-0000 Welding Helmet⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
AUDEW Grinding Welder Mask Skull Helmet ⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
AH6-660-0000 Antra Auto Darkening ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Hobart Handler - MIG MVP Welder Helmet ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Z ZTDM Solar Powered Auto Darkening⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
JACKSON 46131 Variable Safety Welding Helmet⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Black Shade 3 and 8-12 Welding Helmet ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Lincoln K3034-4 Electric 3350 VIKING Welding Helmet⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price


1: Tanox Auto Darkening Solar Powered Welding Helmet ADF[Best Seller]

best welding helmet for beginnersThis is the 4c professional welding helmet. So, it is made primarily with all different quality materials. But, it is good to provide full safety for the face of all welding shocks. But, its size is also perfect with an excellent lens system to give complete comfort for the eyes. Moreover, its package includes gloves for hands protection as well.

Perfect Lens

Tanox welding helmet has the ideal characteristics of the sturdy lens. So, the glass in the helmet provides the bright color scheme to give full comfort for the eyes. Thus, a set of the lens in the helmet helps to improve the power for workers in the welding area. Moreover, both lenses are easily adjusted in the helmet to make them perfect and save eyes from all welding shocks. So, it becomes the best welding helmet for hobbyists.

Easy Use

The helmet is simple in shape and design. So, it the best Lincoln mask for the beginners. Therefore, all the people work in the welding helmet and start work. They can sue this helmet with comfortable wear and tear option. Moreover, it is easily adjusted on the head and face to give full comfort. Additionally, full support in the head part is also good to absorb all shocks and has the power of cushion to make it complete resistively.

Full Safety

This is good to give complete safety for hands, face, and head as well. Moreover, it is the best welding helmet of 2021

. So, you can use it all welding place to safe mouth and full-face as well. The eyes feel free and thoroughly comfortable. But, the antra lens is an excellent addition to make the helmet perfect for welding and other workplaces. Moreover, it is suitable for satisfaction and uses it for the long term without any breaking issue.



Perfect lens setting
Easy adjustment with a fit size
Full padded support and cushion power


The price is high enough.


Check Price


2: ESAB 0700000800 Sentinel A50 Welding Helmet [Best high end]

best welding helmet for beginersESAB is a variable shade welding helmet. So, it is suitable for the use in welding place with look like and a miller welding helmet, and it is the best welding helmet for beginners. The design of this helmet is compact and made with pure nylon material to give full strength. Moreover, it provides complete comfort and a comfortable grip for wearing to create safety for the face.

Perfect Design

The helmet is better and sufficiently compact in its design. Therefore, it seems like a simple Lincoln mask shape on the face. But, it is easily adjusted on the front to give full safety during work. Most important is its different color scheme in the lens, which makes it better to use all the during practice without any problem.

Grind Button

The welding helmet for the beginner worker comes with all different quality shades. So, the grind button helps to make it fully adjustable for use. Moreover, a different type of memory setting with eight various settings gives easy adjustability. Additionally, its hat is fully hard enough to use, but full support in it provides full cushion power.

Full Comfort

The helmet of ESAB is good with its color scheme. But, overall, it is competent to provide complete comfort for the eyes and face as well. Moreover, its size is suitable for controlling all shocks. Furthermore, it has a powerful feature to replace the lens after sometime sue and make the helmet better for show and results. However, it is lightweight for putting on the head of the works. Therefore, all trainers and beginners use it during work time to make full safety for the eyes.



Complete safety
Comfortable for eyes
Lightweight design


Color addition in the lens is not excellent.


Check Price


3: Antra Auto Darkening AH7-860-0000 Welding Helmet

best welding helmet for beginnersAntra is an excellent manufacturer that provides the helmet for all-time work in the welding area. But, its size and design are right to use it without any fatigue on the head and face. Moreover, it has a very vast performance for work at all places without any discomfort and troubleshoots. However, its LCD is perfect, which helps in the work of welding.


The upper surface in the interface is excellent and quickly absorbs all shocks. Moreover, it is convenient for use at all places to control sunlight as well as good to give full comfort. However, it is fully responsive to work in all situations with its adjustment. Moreover, it is useful to detect the working of DC.

Different Filter Option

Antra helmet is designed with unique shape-type filters and versatile shades to give full responsibility for all time use. But, it is good to provide the strength for easy adopt ability on the face. But, tones with the different color schemes are suitable for the comfort of the eyes. So, for this, it is ideal for comfortable to wear all the time and ideal for beginners.

Solid Function

Antra helmet is best to use for different and versatile type functions. Therefore, mostly you can use it for welding also for other works of woodcutting and even in dark places. But, it shows full, reliable performance with different sensor detection options. Moreover, suppression technology in the Antra provides full strength to control all triggering action. However, it is good to control all the shocks and make complete safety for the eyes and face.



Hard enough
Sensitive to control sunlight
Highly strong
Best welding helmet for home


Design is not proper for beginners.


Check Price

4:AUDEW Auto Darkening Solar Arc Tig Mig Grinding Welder Mask Skull Helmet

best welding helmet for beginersThe helmet is good in shape, but it is hard enough for long term use. It is versatile in function and looks like the welding helmet, as well as for bike use. Most important, it has proper shape and adjustment with adequate arch and over the face like a mask. However, its viewing area is large enough to give full free change for various works uses.

Large Viewing Area

The viewing area with its proper lens is right to use it for all places. But, it is the best welding helmet for the beginners. So, its viewing area is 92*42mm. This is the maximum large area with lens adjustment. Therefore, you can wear it to get maximum comfort for the eyes and face as well.

Best Grinding

The welding helmet with its auto-darkening function is good to use for all types of work like welding, grinding, and chopping. Therefore, use it to make full safety for the eyes. But, different lens option is also best to make the helmet hard and smooth enough for prolonged use. However, wear it to get to the maximum benefits of works.

Control All Shocks

The auto-darkening welding helmet is specially designed with its unique lens. So, all these are best to absorb shocks and also control temperature, light, heat, and all other shocks of welding. But, this provides a full skull mask for face and head. Therefore, you can work with to make it complete adjustment on the front. Moreover, it has the power to cover eyes in different lens options. Overall, it controls all harmful radiation of welding.



Control shocks
Full skull protection
Bright colors


Size in not adjust on the skull.


Check Price


5:AH6-660-0000 Antra Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Antra welding helmet forum makes another best correct color welding helmet for the beginners. So, it has different features for use at all the time with its long durability. Moreover, it is good to control the radiation entrance in the eyes and reduce the stress from the neck. The size is sufficiently compact for use in welding work. Most important, it is versatile enough in the functions.

Strong Assembly

The shape and design of the Antra electric welding helmet are excellent. But, its assembly is also proper to use for the long term. Moreover, the used material in the making of this helmet is good to make it durable for long term use. Therefore, it is hard to use at all places without and breakable issues.

LCD Shutter

The LCD is also right to give full comfort to view all the places. Moreover, it is quickly adjusting to make the astronomical viewing are with its different filter and shade option. So, use it to control all the shocks and also harmful radiation with varying options of lens and shades. Moreover, the eyes feel free to improve the working ability. All the lens adjusts in the helmet look like fully auto-darkening power.


The size is compact and perfect in shape. Therefore, it is easily adjusted on the head without any problem. But, all types of head and skull size use it with full comfort and relaxation. So, it is good to give full Tig Mig power for all places use and also cut plasma. However, you can use it to make the work perfect for the long term without any effect on the face. Moreover, the sidebar is also an excellent addition to a controlled voice.



Adjust-ability on the head
Versatile in function
Full face protectively


Lenses are not bright.


Check Price


6:Hobart Handler – 500553 210 MIG MVP Welder Helmet

Antra Auto Darkening AH7-860-0000 Welding HelmetHobart makes the helmet for all time use. So, it is the best beginner welding helmet. But, it’s size and shape with full eye protection makes is the versatile form all others. But, k30344 aver welding helmet used in the places of plasma and metal grinding. So, it comes with 3m speed glass 9100 welding helmet

Easy Assembly

The assembly and shape of this Hobart helmet are excellent and comfortable. Therefore it is full sturdy in its design and shape. All the things give good accuracy for use this helmet. Moreover, this helmet has another quite useful feature of perfect headgear and full padded support. So, it is suitable for plasma application and all other functions of metal cutting and TG MIG MMA system.

Full Safety

It is a perfect system of a helmet with its unique style and design. Moreover, you can use this for welding work and save your eyes and whole face as well. However, it has good power of electric on and off functions in headgear. All these things help to make Hobart useful and suitable for welding work. However, it is entirely safe and enjoyable for users to work and improve working power.

Easy Setting

The Hobart’s best outdoor welding helmet comes with all features and settings. It has a unique feature of automatic headgear, which is good to give full strength for use with full padded support. This is used for plasma use and all other functional working areas of welding with its unique and straightforward comfort. However, it has an excellent knob to make and control all harmful effects.



Good shape welder
Easy assembly
Sturdy for use


Electrical shocks do not control


Check Price


7:Z ZTDM Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Solar Powered Auto DarkeningMost of the manufactures develop different types of the welding helmet. But, it is made for controlling all the shocks and make full safety as well. So, it is overall advanced featured power and designed with full battery indicator and testing functions. Therefore, it is Eco-friendly with its full-featured power of long-lasting effects.

Perfect Design

This is the best welding helmet for beginners. So, it is sufficiently compact in its design and shape. But, it is most attractive and versatile from all others due to its small upper way. So, you can sue it for welding work with its solar power system.

Heavy Shade

The auto-darkening option is best to make it useful for eye and other parts of face protection. Therefore, the lens in this helmet is competent to give a sturdy look with full comfort. Moreover, the eyes feel free inside the mask to make it full-featured. But, it looks like a complete skull protective mask.
So, it controls all the harmful shocks and also useful to prevent face and eyes from radiations.

Advanced Power

The full skull mask shape helmet is made with all advanced features.
So, you can use it with its battery functioning and testing option. Therefore, its battery adjustment is best to make it versatile and perfect for use. So, it has wide use for the long term without any breakable issue.



Easy for use
Full MIG welding mask.
Advanced power


The size is not set easily


Check Price


8:JACKSON 46131 Variable Safety W40 Insight Welding Helmet

This is the best welding for beginners due to its reasonable budget and price. So, it the best welding helmet for the budget. But, it has another useful feature to control shocks and make the mask better for regular work. Moreover, the lens quality is improved for all-time use in the welding works area.

Good Lens Support

The welding helmet is good to use for regular welding work without any hazard and issue in practice. However, the lens use in the system is suitable for action to make it

Large Area

The area of the lens is large enough to see all the things easily on any side. Moreover, the large viewing area is also helpful for improving the working ability as well. But, its size is almost 90*41mm. So, you can work in various places like welding, plasma cutting, and woodcutting. But, it is a useful feature for the eyes to give full comfort.


The helmet of Jackson is very durable. So, the made material of the overall mask makes it sufficiently reliable for long term use without any problem in the working. But, it is good to improve the work experience and also good to give full strength. Moreover, the different lens with versatile shades is right to provide durability.


Well-made material
Perfect lenses setting
Large area for viewing


Low-quality product with lenses


Check Price


9:Black Shade 3 and 8-12 Welding Helmet

Antra Auto Darkening AH7-860-0000 Welding HelmetThis is a welding helmet that you can use and wear during work time. But, it has some unique features which make it suitable for all types of welding works. However, the nylon made material makes the helmet sturdy enough. Moreover, it has an excellent compact size with complete adjustability.

Compact Size

The helmet is good in size and shape. Therefore, it is good to give a full small position to fix the helmet on the skull with a full free option. Moreover, you can wear to protect the whole face and head as well as a face mask. But, it is suitable for safety to absorb all the shocks from the welding works.

Control Radiation

The helmet is also better in design with its different color lens. So, it provides full protection for the eyes and saves eyes from any shocks. But, it is suitable for radiation and sunlight as well. So, all the fallout of welding and sunlight also absorb in the lens and make full safety for the eyes. Moreover, it is used in all type of grinding and welding works with its large size viewing area.

Perfect Shape

The shape is good to make it attractive for use, and all the beginners use the helmet for work. But, it is the best welding helmet for beginners. So, you can use it and quickly fix it on the head to make a protective system for eyes and face. However, it shows a full, reliable performance.



Perfect shape
Smooth lenses
Control radiation


Quality is not good
Less durable


Check Price

10:Lincoln K3034-4 Electric 3350 VIKING Welding Helmet

best welding helmet for beginersThe helmet of Lincoln is best for the beginners to sue. Lincoln electric Viking 3350 welding helmet gives complete safety for the eyes. But, its optical power is good and helps in the viewing of the working area. Most important, you can work in a dim light area with full adjust ability.

Good Quality

The overall quality of this helmet is better to show maximum performance and use it without any problem. Moreover, it helps to give full protection for the damaging effect on the face. Therefore, it is good with size and design to adjust it to the front.

Large Lens

The lens with different shades is large. So, the lens size is almost 12.5 square inches. So, it is a large lens size of any best beginner welding helmet. Therefore, its large viewing area with this lens is good enough to make the helmet sturdy. But you can also wear it works efficiently in the welding place.

Full Comfort

The lens and overall design are the right to give total comfort. So, most workers use this one to get maximum satisfaction. Therefore, a beginner can use it to get the maximum benefits.



Good for eye comfort
Perfect lens size
Good quality


The size is not adjusted.


Check Price



Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Q 1:How to select the best welding helmet for outdoor?

You can choose the best welding helmet for outdoor use to check the quality, shape, size, and most importantly, the skull structure you can use at all places.

Q 2:How Does Long a welding helmet use-able?

You can get a long-lasting welding helmet for use. So, you can use a mask for 2-3 years with a full warranty.

Q 3: What are the problems in lincoln Viking 3350?

After some time, a flush fault created and makes down the TIG MIG option.

Q 4: How a welding helmet fit?
If you want to fit the welding helmet so, you need to get the proper size with a large viewing area

Q 5: What is the best size of the lens?

Different helmets use different types, sizes, shades, and color lens. Therefore, the best-sized lens in the welding helmet is 12 square inches with a viewing area of 90*40.


Last, suppose that you are a worker in the welding area and need a welding helmet. But, you are unable to get and select the best welding helmet for use. Therefore, the welding helmet of Lincoln is best for beginners. The welding helmet of Lincoln is best with quality, shape, performance, and function as well.

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