Different Types of Welding Machines used in 2021

Are you Looking for the perfect welding machine for your use but don’t know which one to buy? We totally understand your concern. With so many new and different types of welding machines flooding the market, it can be somewhat complicated for customers to choose which product is most suitable for their tasks.

You can choose your perfect pick based on several differences between the various types. Depending on the material you require it for, your expertise level, or even the kind of welding process you are working on, the welding machine is divided into mainly ten different types. Here we briefly explain each of these types.

10 Types of Welding Machines

Here we explain the 10 different types of welding machines that use various techniques to weld a range of metal surfaces together.

1. Stick Welding Machine

These welding machines are used for the shielded metal arc welding, to be more specific. The name of this machine is due to its structure, which comprises a rod-shaped electrode. Users cover this machine with flux to protect it from impurities. This machine comes at a comparatively reasonable price when compared to other welding machines in the market.

The stick machine is mostly preferable for steel surfaces. These may be painted surfaces or those that have become rusty. Although used in several construction functions and repairing devices, most professionals do not prefer welding thin surfaces with this machine. Also, it produces more waste compared to other welding machines.

2. MIG Machine

This machine is basically used for Gas Metal Arc welding. Although it only works on clean rust-resistant surfaces, it shows efficient performance when welding thin materials. This machine uses Gases like argon in an external tank for the welding process. However, the experts may also use other gases for professional use.

Several industries use the Metal Inert Gas welding machine for their construction and repair processes. Other than the Automobile and robotics companies, some customers can purchase these machines for even use at home. Metals like nickel, aluminum steel, copper, and many more can be welded using this machine.

3. Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW) Machine

This welding machine has a continuous flux supply; therefore, it does not require any gas supply for function. It is highly preferable for use when welding thicker surfaces together. However, it won’t be very beneficial to you when welding thin materials. Furthermore, this is a high-quality welding tool as it produces lesser fumes and reduced electrode waste.

The most common industries that use the operation of the FCAW machines are fabric companies and construction companies. They use this machine for welding several metals together. These include steel like carbon steel as well as stainless steel. You can also weld other materials like nickel alloys and cast iron using this machine.

4. TIG Machine

One of the most complicated welding machines is the TIG machine. It is used explicitly for the Gas Tungsten-Arc Welding that requires you to try a multitasking technique for usage. To be specific, you need to control the welding torch with one hand while you use the other hand to fill up the torch. At the same time, the heat of the machine is controlled using a foot pedal.

Although it has a rather complex working mechanism, it is suitable for all kinds of material thickness. Moreover, it offers precise and high-quality welding that is highly preferable in jewelry making and motorbikes manufacturing companies. This machine, however, may be more expensive than the standard welding machines.

5. Energy Welding Beam (EWB) Machine

This welding machine is one of the favorite options for its versatility. It is useful for joining several surfaces of different thicknesses as well as different materials. However, the EWB machine is not suitable for home use due to its electronic beam technology.

It is useful for working on minutely detailed welding. Similarly, heat distortion is minimized when welding using this machine. These features make this device perfect for use in the more technical industries like those of the medical and defense fields. Similarly, the aerospace and motor car industries use this machine for high-quality welding leading to strong frameworks for their products.

6. Plasma Transferred Arc Welding Machine

One of the most costly welding machines is the PTAW machine. Mostly larger industries require them for their bulk product manufacturing; hence it is also bigger in size. It functions on a similar principle as that of the TIG machine; however, its structure includes an additional anode. This helps the welding process to be more critical and accurate.

Apart from ensuring precise welding, the additional anode focuses on protecting the electrode from the filler’s powder. This welding machine is used mostly in the aircrafts industry, where detailed welding services are required for large scale operations.

7. Atomic Hydrogen Welding Machine

This welding machine is preferable for only expert use. Although it is useful for speedy welding processes, it is becoming more unpopular for use than other types of welding machines due to its expensive operation. This machine is suitable for several thick and thin sheets of steel and other special alloys.

8. Submerged Arc Welding Machine

This welding machine offers amazing quality welding operation using the powdered flux technology. At the same time, the technique that this machine uses helps reduce waste as much as possible. As much of the working of this device is automatic, you do not require some special skills to ensure the machine’s correct use.

This machine is mostly used in the pipelines as well as pressure vessel manufacturing industries. Here these machines weld materials like steel and nickel using the submerged arc welding techniques.

9. Oxy Acetylene Gas Welding machine

This welding device uses a combination of different fuels with oxygen. This creates a flame for melting the base of the material and welding it with other surfaces. This machine works better with thin materials in comparison to thick surfaces.

This machine is one of the most commonly used welding machines due to its portable design. Similarly, it comes at a reasonable cost making it easily available for repair and plumbing shops. However, It may require several components to be put together before using it for any task.

10. Multipurpose Welding Machines

These are some special machines that can offer several welding techniques at the same time. Therefore it is the perfect device for those looking for an all in one kind of device. Some may use the process of the TIG and the stick machine at the same time. At the same time, others offer MIG and FCAW machine workings simultaneously. However, this multi-purposing needs some additional tools for operation.

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